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"Harrymatic" manufacture manure scraper systems for cattle, pig and poultry farming. Simple and ingenious systems, which are easily installed, easily handled and very reliable. The systems are also very environmentally safe, quiet and gentle towards livestock, which implies less stress, healthier animals and greater profitability.

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The most cow-friendly system

  • Low, low replacement costs
  • Reliable with quiet operation
  • Operates in freezing conditions
  • No chains or ratchets to rust or stretch
  • Simple and safe, with minimal maintenance
  • Systems on concrete, under slats or over slats
  • Poly silk rope has no adverse effect on cows' feet
  • Versatile system can be fitted into most complex buildings
  • In the event of power failure, simply hitch scraper system to tractor
  • Average life span of rope is 7 years

How the "Harrymatic" scraper system operates

The scraper unit in a passage comprises one or several scrapers. When the unit goes forward the manure is collected and fed to a culvert. The scraper unit then reverses to its initial position. For installation in two-passage systems, two or four scraper systems are linked to the same drive unit, one or two (when over 40m / 130 ft) in each passage. When one of the scraper units collects manure the other reverses, and vice versa.

Reduced stress for livestock

The "Harrymatic" is a quiet and environmentally safe scraper system. The profile of the scraper, the load stop for the hooves of the animals, the tramp proof soft polyester/silk rope, and the quiet operation, all ensures a more relaxed environment with healthier and more profitable animals. An important factor in the long run.

Easily programmed and easily operated control panel

"Harrymatic" is delivered with and easily programmed switchbox for a large number of strokes and times.

Strong and tramp proof polyester/silk rope.

"Harrymatic" uses an extremely strong polyester/silk rope for its drive units. The polyester/silk rope has the additional advantage that it is not affected by urine or rust and the like, and it is both quiet and tramp proof for the animals. Where necessary it is both inexpensive and easy to replace or splice.

Proven and sturdy design

"Harrymatic" have manufactured and delivered scrapers for cattle, pig and poultry farming. We have delivered approximately 7000 systems, which have given us sound experience, which is now built into Harrymatic’s scraper systems, from the simplest ‘bolt’ to the advanced control system. Manufacturing is geared towards maximum service-life and reliable operation.

Easy to install

The "Harrymatic" Scraper Systems are ingeniously simple and easy to operate, and can therefore be adjusted to most types of buildings.

The system


Winch photo

The width of drum and motor specification are determined according to type of scraper and size of system.

Corner rollers and pulleys

Rollers photo

Different types of corner rollers and pulleys are available to suit various system layouts

Squeegee Scraper

Squeegee photo

This scraper has been specially developed to keep slats and passage edges clean. It has a hard wearing rubber base, and scrapes in both directions. It is used for loose housed cows and is rope/winch driven.

Beam Scraper

Beam Scraper photo

For use in open concrete channels up to 4.3m wide. Heavy duty build with adjustable wing stops.


Hydrashuv photo

Used in a culvert to move slurry to a lagoon or tank away from the building. Pressure tube is 300mm high x 600mm wide x 2300mm long. An alternative 250mm high tube is available. System is driven by electric powered Hydraulic aggregate; 5ltr, 11ltr, 17ltr, 27ltr or 40ltr per minute. The aggregate has a "stepless" adjustable soft turning valve.

The aggregate drives hydraulic rams of varying dimensions with strokes up to 3 metres. Size of aggregate and ram dimensions are determined according to the size and type of the system.

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Whatever your machinery requirements our excellent product range can cater for every type of agricultural application, big or small. With industry leading franchises our experienced sales team can advise you on the specification and suitability of the products that best meet your needs.

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